Wednesday, November 9

Autumn in the dining room

Our dining room is always decorated in Autumn, no matter what time of year it is.  I love the season and the decorations that go with it.  The paneling and dark tile in the dining room make for a good Autumn scene.

Because of the places I tend to shop, I find Autumn decorations all year long.  I hate to pass up the ones I love.  One of them being this little Leaf Lady.

My dad gave me the little brass pots and I got the little green plates from my favorite thrift store.  The brass pots fit inside each other and make a crooked stack.  I might pile things up, but I don't enjoy crooked.

I've always like the four seasons in art, especially trees.  I was tickled when I found these little glass plates.

Our next door neighbor gave this to me.  It's just a cute little pot.  It's empty for right now.


Cindy Rogers said...

I love the doily under the pot, it is so pretty!!! I am so wanting to make an autumn themed quilt... but right now I don't have too many fabrics with me.

ancient one said...

I so enjoy looking at other people's treasures. Those little brass pots are nice. Those four season plates/coasters would have certainly caught my eye.

Sara said...

Those little green plates remind me of the little dishes we used when we were kids, to play with!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Brown bear is gone and will be replaced when the appropriate bear or critter comes along.

Pen Pen said...

I like the pot, too... and I have always loved four season art, too. I think one of my first cross stitch pieces was part of a four season set; but i only remember doing two of them. :o(

Mrs. Mobunny said... must have lived where WE live and had only two seasons.

Humble wife said...

I am an autumn person! My home has always been autumny! I love the seasonal art and when I was a little girl we painted something similar to the plates- all four seasons and wow-the plates take me back!!

I love my visits here and am always so refreshed after stopping by!!

Take care,