Friday, October 21

Old Things

As you all know by now, I prefer old things over new things.  This glass knob is in the house I lived in for a short while as a little girl.  I wonder if I could ever even reach it?

One of my favorite colors is silver.  Silver on white is best.

Remember old furnaces on the floor?  If your shoe had something on it and it dropped into the could smell it burning for a while....or if you dropped a color down the same grate.  Now how fun was that to smell a burning crayon all day long?  I remember standing on a furnace like this and having little grate melty marks on the bottoms of my shoes.

OK, if somebunny wants to buy me a new quilt for my bed, I'll use it, but I'd rather have an old one.

This is the gate to the city cemetery...........look at how somebunny put an old door-handle on it.  I wonder if it was my dad.  Looks like something he would do.

Dad had this tape in his little workshop.  He's got stuff like this's always fun to look.
He also collects pencils,,,,,bullet pencils?

This is our old candy dish.  I don't ever remember there being candy in it.......but I do remember it making a terrible KLANK when you messed with the lid!

This was in an antique store....but I remember having one as a kid.  Now that I look at it, it's rather scary.

If this quilt would talk,,,,,I would listen.  The diamond fabric is's very soft.  I know I had something made out of this.  I wish I could remember.

This is just a picture out of an old catalog.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE these old strollers.  Umbrella strollers are NO fun.  My parents bought our first daughter had the little sun hood and it was yellow.  We wore it to a frazzle.

I was a teen-ager in the 70's.  I had a pair of shoes like this only they were a denim color.  These aren't the same shoe as the ones girls would wear with *poodle* skirts.  I loved mine.

This was the announcement for when my mom was born.  Inside my Granma filled in the information on the lines...... and at the bottom she put this:  "She looks like me!"

This is my Grandparent's home.........I guess this is what it looked like when they bought it.  I'm thinking this is the picture the realtor used.........they sure improved the place and made it a nice home.  We drove by it a couple times.  It was sad.  There used to always be a Cadillac in the driveway, the grass was nice and green and  mowed, granma had grape hyacinths growing by the sidewalk, they had a little brick sidewalk going to the garage....a tiny garden and of course a clothes line.

history........the past..........yesterday........the good old days...........back then............a long time ago........


Rebecca said...

I have NO idea about songofsindarin... I DO share many of these memories with you. I wish I could remember more, too.

We had one of the stroller like you pictured when our first daughter was born (I believe). Could also identify with a lot of the old furnace smells and stories :)

Norma said...

I don't comment much, but I look at EVERY SINGLE POST you make. They make me smile. Especially this one. I love memory lane post and pics. :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Thanks for reading my blog Norma! Rebecca.....songofsindarin follows my blog, but it is a closed blog....and I'm just wondering who it is?