Thursday, October 20

exceedingly random

The moss rose I brought from my mom's house is blooming.
I bought some from our little grocery store.
I hope it makes it through our winter.

Zephyr stays close to me in case I have a can of tuna or something.

I have little dark gray worms that eat zinnia flowers and leaves.

These are the BEST cookies.
They have cream cheese in them....
and a thumb full of jam.

We had a week of revival preaching with
Brother Reynolds from Humble, Texas.

We went to Pearland Saturday morning....and stopped at Busy Bee for breakfast.
This cinnamon roll was BIG, but big doesn't necessarily mean good.

These are some new/old wire pretties I got for my gardens.  
I can't wait to fix them up somewhere.

I got some beeeee-utiful fabric........
I think I will use it for the back of a quilt.
A cool quilt.

The little gray worms are in the back yard too....
chewing on my sunflower plants.

I had a WHOLE load of table cloths,
it was fun hanging them on the line.

This is what a cool front looks like from our street!
It was around 7:15 Tuesday morning.
I wrote it in my little *year* book so I would't forget that 
can be nice.

This apple cost almost $3.00.
It was delicious.
No, wait.
It was honey-crisp.

I was so tickled to find this crochet thread.
It will make crocheting very fun.
One was still in the package.
An orange dot means $1.00.

See, I told you it would be random.


Betsy said...

OK, random is good. That's such a sweet picture of your kitty, Zephyr. You're making me hungry with the cookies too:-)

Grammie Kim said...

Random is normal, especially for you, Mo. :) I love that part of you.

Cindy said...

I love your random!!! The fabric is beautiful and I LOVE old quilts and I love to MAKE new ones... and use old fabric that has memories... I just LOVE old...just like you!