Wednesday, October 5


I love to crochet.  I remember my Great Aunt Freda would sew two wash cloths together then crochet around them and make a pillow.  I was brought up in a world of pillows.....not ones you buy from a store though.  Seems like everything we owned was crocheted around the edges or hemmed by my Granma, or made by my Granny.  

Young married girls are bored and don't *enjoy* being a *keeper* of the home.  I think these things help.  Projects.  SOMETHING to do.  Something to start and something to finish.  Make things to give away........for decorate their own home.  

We will all like different things........just do SOMETHING.

I would like to can/jar something.  I'm going to look in to Candied Jalapenos.

What are you planning on doing someday?  What are you doing today?


Mud Boots and Cotton Dresses said...

Oh, yes, everything had that beautiful crocheted or tatted trim. I still have some of my great-grandmother's dish towels with her intricate tatting. All the pillows (well, most anyway) had handmade doilies sewn onto them as well. :)

Rebecca said...

I still have a few pillow cases I embroidered while in college. My grandmother who lived nearby then crocheted some edges for them! I really liked to cross-stitch (not counted cross stitch--stamped). I made a couple of quilt tops. I don't do so much "handwork" right now. Should learn something new.

I really like that round seat cover on your chair here!

Pen Pen said...

I agree, it's fun to be making something! You are talking about candied jalapeno, which I 've never heard of, but would like to know more about. I've been thinking of doing jalapeno jelly. We bought some while Hershey, PA and I've been wanting to make some ever since. It's great with pretzels!

kt said...

I totally agree with you.I am hoping to learn to embroider. I think that would make some nice pillows. I still crochet & sew and enjoy that very much.

I like that round seat cover too!!!

Ginger said...

I totally agree, I am hoping to get better at sewing and learning to crochet. I have started learning. But want to learn more. Especially now that I have a new granbaby on the way!