Friday, September 23

Kansas trip

This is the Aunt that took me to Kansas.......we had loads of fun coming and going.  It is a good time we have getting to know each other better...........we are family and friend to each other.

Nobody can grow Hen and Chicks like my mom can.  She doesn't grow so many things now like she used to.  Everything is heavy for her is nice to have a mom that likes flowers and plants.

Last year my sister and I tried to visit the *house* where we used to live as very young children.  It is the first house I can remember living in........I guess I was 7 something when we moved to Colorado.  Well, my sister didn't get to see the house this time, but my mother, my aunt and I did.  The owner of the house was extremely gracious about everything.  She let my mom look over the records/papers from when the house was built to when she bought it.  My parents were renting to buy the house, but  it didn't work out.....The tile you see above was in the kitchen.  We're pretty sure it is the stuff we lived on! I am always drawn to tile like this and wanted it for my new kitchen.  I like the *fleck* look.

This is the wallpaper on the kitchen wall.  *sigh*......if those walls could talk.

There was a little room off the kitchen which was the pantry.  I don't remember this room.......but I am attracted also to the bead board like this door is made out of.  My kitchen walls are paneled with it and painted yellow.  Mom said that little room was always really hot.

The linoleum is worn to a frazzle.......and I still LOVE it.  Just think, my little bare feet walked across these floors.  I'd roll out some linoleum on our dining room floor just like this  if it were available.  

OK, the woman that owns the house now is NOT Martha Stewart.  The hole you see here is where my mom put a rod to hang clothes on as she ironed.

The woman said she was going to take the floor furnace out and put in something modern.  An old floor furnace grate is GREAT to use outside as a sort of foot scraper.  Sort of like a metal rug.

This used to be a beautiful door.  Mom remembers it well.  It got painted red.  I'm not a fan of red doors, but I am a fan of OLD doors.

This is a closet in one of the bedrooms.  The Aunt that took me to Kansas with her used to babysit us all the time in this very house.  She told us there was a doorknob at the end of this closet and if you went through the door, you would find yourself in another world.  I sort of wanted to go to the end of the closet to see if I could find that door knob......but no....that was then, this is now.

This porch used to have a roof and pillars.  Now it is sinking in and in danger of being ripped out and being replaced with something new. (and horrible)

Old house where I used to live.


Pen Pen said...

That is so cool that you got to go inside your childhood home! Wouldn't you love to own it and restore it? I love the lacy gingerbread trim on the outside, too! Thanks for sharing your memories!

Rebecca said...

There are THREE old houses in Kansas that I wish I could go back to! One in Hutchinson is the first house my grandparents lived in and where we spent a few summers.

The second is the farmhouse where I lived the first 5 years of life. I have a few memories of has been torn down.

The third is the first home my husband and I owned & lived in. The first two of our children were babies there...

I like the speckled tile. We had something similar in one of the houses we lived in. And the picture of you framed by the red door is VERY cool!

Grammie Kim said...

Michele. What a wonderful post. I am so glad you got to go with your mom and aunt could go and give their perspective. I know that was even more special for you. I would give anything if I could see your reflection in MY isn't red...

Sara said...

That was wonderful!! What a beautiful old house! Reminds me of the one we use to live in Water Valley!