Friday, September 2

Going To Kansas

I'll be gone for a couple of weeks.  I get to go to Kansas to see my parents and sister.

That's the most important thing...............but there are many other things to see.
Right in my dad's front yard.

There is so much wind, you just GOTTA hang something on the line.

We will talk about old times.......(this is my Great Grandmother....if you notice, her windowsills are filled up, just like mine)

I will take fun pictures.

I will hint around until my mom gives me her old pillowcases.....

I will have fun being with my Aunt.

And my sister.  She likes to shop.

I know now to avoid the chickens in my sister's back yard.  They will chase and peck at you.

I will enjoy the scenery from my sister's porch.

I will see things in Kansas that I would never see in Texas.

My parents don't just have a porch swing.  They have a yellow porch swing hanging from a black walnut tree.

More fun pictures.

I will wish I could see all of my cousins.

I will also be hoping Lydia doesn't forget to water the morning is a very special morning glory.  Out of a whole packet of seeds she got me for Mother's Day....only ONE grew.  So, if you see Lydia, remind her.


Pen Pen said...

Aw.. cute post. Have fun in Kansas... wish I was going with you!!!!

Rebecca said...

I'd like to go to Kansas with you! It is the place of my birth and currently our oldest daughter and her family live there. I haven't been back for years and years. Many of my best memories are Kansas-based.

Looks like you are going to have a good time. What ARE you going to do with your mother's old pillowcases?

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I use the pillowcase for a dresser scarf....I was brought up in the land of doilies, so I think every flat surface needs more than just a wot-not. I was also brought up in the land of wot-nots.

Grammie Kim said...

WAIT! WAIT....WAIIII...ok, I guess you can't wait that long...I want to come. One of my favorite adventures was back when I was in college, and my friend/fellow student/maid-of-honor-in-my-wedding invited me to Thanksgiving at her Derby, Kansas, farm-home. It was cold (I was from TX, remember?). Cold enough to form ice in the glass gallon jug of freshly squeezed milk sitting on the screened porch overnight... mmm, that was so good. And I got to swing on a rope from the loft in the barn in borrowed overalls. :) Kansas...hmm. Wish I was with you to look out from your sister's porch with you, and have you tell me all the things you did when you were a kid from this and that vantage point.
Have fun, my dearest MO. I miss you already.

Mud Boot Mama said...

I have family (and lots of happy memories) in KS too. We were planning a trip later in the month but I think it will actually be next month.

Land of doilies too! :D

Hope you have a GREAT time!

SusanDavis612 said...

Have a safe trip and a great time! Say hi to Kristie too! You can always check on my mom for me. My siblings that live there don't. You could tell her that you are me and she won't know the difference because she doesn't know me when I go visit her. Just kidding about the visit of course.......

Michele@A Quiet Gracious Life said...

Have a fun trip! Can't wait to see the great pictures I KNOW that you will take.

But know that you *will* be missed my friend. :o)


I am so thankful that you are getting to go visit your Dad and Mom. I know you will have heaps of good times and make more wonderful memories.

We will all miss you here but Parents can't be forgotten.They will not always be here and oh, how we do miss them when they are gone.

Give your Dad and Mom a big hug from Grandpa and I. You take care and know we love you, Granma