Thursday, September 1

Blessings. 2 kinds.

Because of no rain, this has been the summer of NO WEEDS.  I was doing the Side Garden the other afternoon and was hot and worn out........and a hummingbird came a flying right around me.  It wasn't like the ones I normally see.  I was standing right in front of the empty hummingbird feeder........I felt really bad.  I fixed it up and hope the hummers will forgive me.

The other day I left a comment on a blog saying I'd like it to rain....and that I'd like to see a hummingbird in my garden.

It's obvious that I can't make it rain...........but I could at least keep the hummer feeder filled up.

I wanted a sweet little hummer to fly through my garden, but there was nothing in my garden to attract one.  You want a lower electricity bill, but keep your A.C. on 65.  You want a flower garden but plant no seeds.  You want line dried sheets to sleep on, but you don't have a clothes line.  You want sweet peace in your home.....but all you do is drip.
Some things just do NOT drop out of the sky.  Some blessings we enjoy come from our own labor.  Some things are cause and effect.
Some are not, and I'm thankful for those things.
(I have seen husbands for young ladies drop out of the sky........and all the while they're thinking their bride fell out of the sky! )
I'm thankful for both..........the rainbow kind of blessings............and the fruit from an effort made............with a package of seeds or a broom!


Grammie Kim said...

Good thoughts Mo. Put feet to our prayers. Don't ask for God's protection and then stand on the RR track...there are some things that are just no-brainers.
Keep that Hummingbird feeder full.

Rebecca said...

Were you wearing red when that hummingbird dove at you???? I'm still mulling that husbands...brides picture in my mind.

Great food for thought (and action) here!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

(a husband falling out of the in popped up from nowhere..... would be a HUGE blessing we have no control we would a waxed kitchen floor!)

Grammie Kim said...

Jim fell out of the German sky...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

My husband didn't really because I WENT to college for the MRS. Degree. But I know of some men that have fallen out of the sky....