Friday, September 30

Autumnal Gardens

I planted some radish seeds........this wire is to keep our cats and neighborhood cats from using my lovely little gardens as a litter box.  It is working quite well.  Too bad I haven't applied FENCE in the past years.

These flamingos are a present from my sister in Kansas.  I was thrilled.  I've done lots of yard art....but never had the USUAL thing everybunny expects.

Then look at what popped up yesterday!

I can water every single day with the hose and these never pop up.  If it rains, they will come out of the ground just a blooming.  I do not understand that.

When I put the flamingo here, the flower was still fixing to pop and surprise.

The radish plants are growing nicely.......they are usually a good seed for little kids to grow.
There is nothing better than a radish out of your own garden.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of radishes but I can imagine it would be exciting to see them grow. Good idea about the wire stuff to protect them.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Radishes are in my top five favorite foods....along with black licorice, bbq pork chops, donuts and popovers.

Rebecca said...

People think I'm "nuts", but I'd really like to have some pink flamingos! (Free or cheap, of course...)

What IS that bloom???

Moma Chas said...

I have had a few of those pop up in my yard too. NO CLUE what they are. Weird huh? :)