Monday, August 8

vacation part 3

We took Kim to work for a little bit Friday morning.........then we drove to Denny's.
If you are near a Denny's and can sure to get the pineapple coconut pancake puppies.  They are fun and delicious.  I would have taken a picture, but we ate them too fast.

Coming into Houston..........TomTom was telling us where the Photography Museum was.  It was in a strange part of town.  It was a small place and most of the pictures were also strange.  We just don't think like photographers.........lots of pictures are just plain weird and make no sense at all.

There was a library full of *art* favorite would be Ansel Adams.  I love his black and whites.  Now he's a photographer I can understand.

I thought of Dr. Suess when I saw this street sign!

OK..........we'll paint SOME of the apartment purple..........just not all of it.

I can't imagine living in a place like this.  No yard, no flower beds, no place to give Bunny a bath, no bird feeders, no screen door, no bicycles in the garage, no avocado trees, no driveway........well, I would just have a hard time in an apartment building like this.

The printing museum........this book of chants was leather bound and about the size of a small window.
Lydia and I can chant really well together.

Just some Texas printing things.........there was a whole wall of it..........I don't know if it all was from actual projects, or if somebody just made it up.

This would have to be the STRANGEST Kroger I have ever seen.  It looked like a black and white tile 1940 bathroom.  I liked it of course.

We drove around and looked at mansions.  Nice, but not necessary.

This is a Border book store in the process of closing its doors for good.  25% off of every book was still more than anything you could order from Amazon, shipping included.  I like book stores, I hate to see them go............but the competition is just too much for them.  And honestly, a book is a book.  If you buy it from a thrift store or a spiffy book store in a ritzy part of is still the same book.   Why not get it for $12 instead of $28?

On our way to the Aquarium to eat.

The girls had never been before........we spent an anniversary here a while back.
It is quite a place!

Water on the ceilings with fish that glowed.  Probably some of the largest fish tanks in the world to view while you ate.  The waiter told us some of the fish were worth $10,000.

Lydia and I shared dessert.

This is the view from our motel room on the 17th floor.  To the right is where the quilt fair is top of the picture is Minute Maid Park...........where the Astro's play and lose all of their games.

Saturday morning we drove to Humble and ate at the Humble Cafe.  It was a delicious breakfast, only I don't understand why they would give you a biscuit AND pancakes on the same plate.

We drove to Tomboll and went to a few stores was SO hot we didn't feel like walking around.  It is like a miniature Fredericksburg, Texas............ lots of little shops in the old down-town area.  We MUST go back in November or summpin.

Houston.......on the way home........saying good-b to the Aquarium.
That does it for our Summer Vacation!  We enjoyed three weekends of *doing things in Houston* is fixing to's nice to know that we are just about an hour away from TONS of things to do........8 minutes to the beach, 3 minutes from Baywood grocery store and 5 minutes to a Sonic.



Michele@A Quiet Gracious Life said...

I now live in the land of Sonic, what's good to eat/drink there?

Rebecca said...

What an ideal location you live in! I want to comment on every single picture here, but I'll refrain. Just can't help myself on the price of books & closing of Borders, etc. though. Why pay even $12 for a book when you can buy it for $.50???? :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Michele..........onion favorite drink is: diet cranberry lime-ade with pineapple....easy ice. I don't eat their hamburgers because I prefer Burger King.

Rebecca.........I prefer the 50-centers!!

Sara said...

Looks like a good time! I think I'll try my hand at making my OWN pineapple and coconut pancakes! That sounds yummy!