school book room

Plain old walls.  Tired old walls.

I took all the wind chimes down and cleaned them...........too bad it's not windy in this little room once in a while!

Still don't know who added the board between the cabinets, or why?
I painted it.  Now it's a painted board with an unknown purpose.

I love to tape.  It's my favorite part.  I learned about buying cheap painting tape in the hallway.............I'll never do it again.

I painted in the wrong order, or used the wrong brush and roller at the wrong time.  I painted in the corners first with a paintbrush, then used a roller.  Should have used a roller first because it covered my spaces than I thought it could.  Painting with a brush is slow business.

I love the color.  It's not really *me*, but the room looks really good.

I painted the room in one day and didn't get ONE drop of paint on my clothes or hair.  I had just a little bit on my finger..............I took my careful time and it was worth it.  I'm a very neat paint pourer.

Our house has some random cracks and come-aparts.  I could only fix the old nail holes...

I might be on the look-out for some paint for the doors.  Maybe a peach?

 For right's the School Book Room.  One of these days it won't be. 


Pen Pen said…
ok, my first thought on the board between the cabinets, was a sewing table!!! Your room looks nice... so fresh. If you love to paint... not sure if you love it, but you are good at it... you may come and paint mine. My whole house needs it!
Mrs. Mobunny said…
No, I do not love it.
Grammie Kim said…
great job Mo. I love wind just need a tiny little fan (I got one at a yard sale for $.50) to stir those little lovelies.
You probably needed more room to stack books/games/school supplies...thus the board.
It took Jim 2 days to tape the apartment so he could paint it. It had been 5 years, and through several was time. I was glad to be at work...
Rebecca said…
I still haven't mastered the art of neat painting. Maybe I haven't actually tried. My husband is a very GOOD painter. I don't need to be.

What DO you put on top of that board between the cabinets? I can guess that it comes in handy for SOMEthing.
Mrs. Mobunny said…
Rebecca, there are now two matching bookshelves in front of the window on top of the *painted* board. One holds school stuff and the other has all my Sunday School things. Bunny is right below in the little spot....just right for a dog kennel.

Kim, I do have a fan in there, but it's lame.
I think the color is great!

Blessings, Debbie
Sara said…
And the School Book Room and will soon move on to other adventures!! Sniff...

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