Kyle and Rachael in Kyle, Texas

So, Rachael Michele got married on August 25th.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The room was decorated with a very tasteful country theme.

I had not met Kyle before this day...........he seems like a nice guy.  I'm so happy for both of them.

Hannah was all dressed up in pink.

Kimberly and I.

PaPa and the happy couple.
This is my favorite picture.

Lovely cupcakes.

Lovely decorations.

Lovely surroundings.  It was just like a picture.  Picture perfect.

Rest stop in Colorado County.  Note to self.........if you need to stop somewhere, do it here.


Grammie Kim said…
Glad for the happy couple. Thanks for sharing the pictures. (I especially liked the one of Hannah...)
Rebecca said…
I like the black and white pictures. Especially the one where the candle flame glows...

Grace to you. Grace to ALL of you.
Grammie Kim said…
I didn't realize Rachel's middle name was Michele. Is that significant?
Mrs. Mobunny said…
well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'd like to think it is.
Sara said…
I saw some here that I hadn't seen yet! It was a beautiful country wedding!

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