Monday, August 29

Dover Coloring Books

I have no idea why Kimberly colored a car picture.  We were very stereotyped when it came to color books.........

We loved Dover coloring books!!  They were the high-light of each new school year.

There are so many to choose from.......each kid had to pretty much narrow it down to ONE each year.

I think I first saw Dover coloring books at a museum store.........our oldest daughter collected their nice paper doll sets.

I chose a couple books for myself once in a while........

Sometimes we would buy the coloring books at the actual place in their gift store.
Now that was fun.

The pictures to color are so neat and the paper they use is high-quality and very nice to color on.  Pencils OR crayons.

If I had a dime for every horse coloring book.............

Some of my favorite were the bird books.............the front inside covers showed you what colors the birds were supposed to be.

This wasn't my favorite.......but Lydia sure liked it.

I barely have an excuse to keep buying them.

The reason I took pictures of all of because
I threw them away.  I just couldn't keep them anymore.  It was beginning to be a HUGE pile and they were taking up room.

It was a pretty sad feeling.

The girls LOVED these *dress* books.  We even copied some of them and embroidered them and framed them.  I became quite proficient making LOW in the front dresses....modest.....with my thin line black magic marker! 

I know whose book this was.............

I sent out a memo,,,,,,,,,but some of my kids didn't get it.

In school, we COLOR things the right colors.  We are serious during school.

See, cats are brown.

 Bugs are black.

(this was Daniel's choice)

What fun it was to look at these books and color in them.

Good old marigolds.

Uh. Excuse me.

Oh well.


rebekahdawn said...

I have the Knights book. I don't know why...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I'm making an order today:
Garden Party is at the top of the list!!

Sara said...

I loved my horse and cat ones! I remember a very detailed bird one I did too!
It's not the coloring book that's important, it's the memory made with it! That will last forever! Love you Mom!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Other things may have fallen apart....but not the Dover coloring books.

Julie said...

I signed up for free coloring pages every week from Dover. I love them and the kids do as well.