Tuesday, July 12

Where Oh Where Oh Where?

Oh WHERE are my flip-flops?
Oh WHERE are my flip-flops?
oh where oh where oh where oh where oh where?
are my flip flops?

This rug is right by my side of the bed.  It's where I park my flip-flops at night.  Every morning when I get up, I can't find them.  It makes me chuckle.


Grammie Kim said...

I knew the tune to which your flip flop song goes...I sang it in my head. :)
My shoe spot seems to be empty way too often these days too...there must be a "shoe/flip flop fairy" that whisks them away.

Beth said...

Check with the peach. He has the hairbrush. ;)
I leave my flip flops in the same place every time too and I have to hunt them down every.single.time. Toddlers, love 'em. Sometimes (most times) it requires recruiting help. My fave is when someone will call out, "I found one." And the standard reply, "but I have two feet." LOLOL!

EmmaLemma said...

I think I saw some flip-flops right THERE! Ha ha. That's cool. I didn't see them at first. mine are on a shoe rack built into my closet.