Saturday, July 2

Take a Tip

These pictures are from old books that I read and looked at growing up.  That makes them at least 45 years old.  They were falling apart and not doing me any good in a I took a tip.  Take a picture...and get rid of the object.  I can enjoy them just the same here as I could the other way.  Probably even more!  If you have old things but can't part with them.......maybe this would help in some way. 


Rebecca said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! That book with the kittens dressed up & engaged in various activities!!! I'm pretty sure my grandparents had that book! I'd forgotten all about it.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I would look at those cat pictures for hours. I LOVED the birthday cake one. I think these pictures formed my opinions about cats. They should all be in dresses. At least the girls.

Anonymous said...

I remember the little girl on the swing book. I maybe would have taken the books...did you throw them a way already? I might would try to frame them. Your sister,Kristi