Monday, July 25

Rag Rug Present

My Granny made rag rugs and sold them for $2 and $3.  I remember her sitting in her
rocking chair tearing up old shirts and other pieces of old clothes.  
She was always in sort of a puff of fuzz.
Her house was dusty because of her craft.

I had nice pieces of fabric to use to make strips for this particular rug.

I have cut up old clothes to make rugs.......
to the point that my kids would ask me if I was going to
cut THEIR favorite clothes up. 
The clothes they actually had on.......

You gotta start  with a ball of fabric strips.  It takes a little bit of time to tear them and then tie them.  It's a fun craft.  I enjoy it because I know my Granny enjoyed it.

I learned some things with this rug.  If a rug starts to ruffle............STOP.
Don't keep crocheting like it isn't happening.
It can't be fixed.  
Almost every rug I've made that is any size at all, has been ruffled.
It won't happen again.

I had this rug practically finished and had to unravel it.
It was curly and ruffly.
That's not a good thing for a rug to be.

This size rug takes me about a day to crochet.

I enjoyed making this one in certain colors.  
Usually my rag rugs are like a crazy quilt.

This one is for a present...........and special colors were called for.

What is your favorite craft?
What do you enjoy?


Grammie Kim said...

I have 3 special ones of these from you Mo. One small, one medium and one large. I love em. When we are old and in our rocking chairs, will you please help me make one?

Miss Debbie said...

Years ago, we had a store nearby that sliced huge round bolts of fabric and sold it by the pound for crocheting rugs. I love making them, too. But the store closed and I haven't found another source for the fabric. Tearing my own would not be feasible for me, but I am impressed with your creativity and resourcefulness and your rugs are lovely!

Rebecca said...

I really like these crocheted rugs! I really need to get a "craft life".
Something simple, useful, beautiful....hmmmmmmmmm.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I used to cut the fabric into strips, now I tear it. Should have done what Granny did all along! Kim, I will show you how to make a rag rug. We'll make a really pretty one with your house-coats and favorite sheets.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Debbie, that would have been GREAT to have the fabric strips all ready. Hobby Lobby sold some in some bags a long time ago. They had them on clearance and I didn't buy ALL of them. I think they were GREEN and white.
Rebecca, Come to my house and I'll show you how to make a rug. we'll have a 10 minute class..........then we'll go shopping. !!

Humble wife said...

First off I love your rag rugs!!

I am a crafter...mostly for necessity and always for fun!

So I learn new crafts as I go through life based on the time and needs of my family.

Thanks once again for your simple lovely post!


kt said...

I've been meaning to make a rag rug--but not the crochet kind...the kind that is latch hook but uses fabric. I love yours though too.

Grammie Kim said...

...but I only have one housecoat!!!....

Chris, Carole, and Clan said...

I've always wanted to make a rag rug, but never learned. I do like to sew, but the trick is finding the time! :-)

Sheri Hepworth aka kitchenmaid said...

I was given several sheet sets a few years ago. I only use the fitted sheets on the beds so I tore up some of the flat sheets into strips and made a rag rug for my sons' room. Unfortunately, it fell apart after a couple of years but I didn't feel bad about throwing it out since it hadn't cost me anything to make it. I like the colours you chose for your rug.

SusanDavis612 said...

I had forgot all about those. They wash up great too! Thanks for the memories! My grandmother made them too. Maybe I will put that on my project list of "to do's".