Saturday, July 16

Long Time Friends

 We've been friends with the McBrooms for around 31 years. I met them when their oldest daughter was learning to walk.   I got ready at their house the night James and I got married.  Kim was with me when our first baby was born.  I have learned more from her than any other person.  I watched her with her kids and learned.  She named a daughter after me, I named a daughter after her.  Now we share grand-daughters. 
She is my bosom buddy.  She's one in a million.

We've done lots of things with them.  Ate with them, cried with them, laughed with them, played games, shared holidays, were members of the same church...........most of all we have loved them.  They have been there for us, just a phone call away. 

We have gone through many seasons with each other.  Little bitty kids, middle kids, big kids, no kids.  I've never had another friendship such as Kim and I have. She is the most special friend in the world to me.  Our husbands are just like each other.  Mr. Commands and Independent Baptist from the top of their heads to the tips of their toes.  Kim and I both knew what we could expect to do with each other and never expected anything out of each other that wasn't *fit* to happen.  Our boundaries were and still are the same, and we're very happy to live within them being friends.

What your own husband thinks of your friends makes a really big difference.  James always knew that if I was doing something with Kim, it was sensible and totally OK.  Surely her husband has thought the same of me.   The more agreement you have with somebunny, the better the fellowship.  For 31 years we have had great agreement and great fellowship.

When the Lord gave us the McBroom family to be our friends, He gave us more than we could have ever asked for.  Kim is the kind of friend everybunny dreams of having.....but she is reality to me.  I miss her every day.  Kim has been a GREAT big part of my life and I'm very thankful for her.


Michele@A Quiet Gracious Life said...

You are very blessed, indeed, those types of friendships are VERY rare. (o:

Grammie Kim said...

long time friends
all time friends
timeless friends
bosom friends
bestever friends
god-given friends
children-sharing friends
grandchildren-sharing friends
can't live without you friends...

my mo and her hubby

Grammie Kim said...

the kind of friend that makes me laugh
the kind of friend that I cry with
the kind of friend that knows how to pray for me
the kind of friend who never tickles my ears
the kind of friend that tells silly stories (lies about dogs) on my facebook page...
the kind of friend that spends a whole year making my birthday present
the kind of friend that will sew quaint gifts for me
the kind of friend that wants me to have a cow in my windowsill
the kind of friend who is totally different from me and totally like me
the kind of friend that will never ever give up on me...

my own mo

Rebecca said...

Just a little jealous here and VERY happy for you both! I enjoyed reading Kim's description of your friendship and activities. God bless you both.

(I'm really curious about that birthday present that took a year to make!)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I kept a journal for a year.....and of course thought of her every time I put an entry. She has a year of my life in writing.

Laurie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading this post about your long time friends. What a blessing it is to have such a good friend. Blessings!

Pastor McEntire said...

Jim is OK ;-)

rebekahdawn said...

(You kinda gave away how old I was though. I try to keep it a secret).
I love your friendship.