Saturday, July 30

Houston Trip #2

We went to some Houston parks.  It's kind of a strange thing to see a park with buildings like that behind it.  It's strange to believe we live right by one of the largest cities in the U.S..

Since we've been to so many other cities, James decided it was time to see Houston like we've seen the other places.
I didn't think Houston had a downtown.
It kind of does and kind of doesn't.

Under the big buildings are tunnels.  People use those instead of sidewalks.
I think it's because it's HOT on the sidewalks.
If you had a mind to,
I think you could go out of your apartment to your car in the underground air 
conditioned parking to another air conditioned parking lot,
get out, get on an elevator UP or DOWN depending on where you work,
and go to this tunnel to get to work....
and never once feel the heat.
(and never once be outside)
I don't think I'd do it myself.

Houston parks are just like any other.
There are rocks to get in your Croc's
and weeds.

I thought this weed was pretty.
It made me think of the verse telling about spiders being
in castles.

Keeping order.

A LONG time ago, there was only ONE camera.
Each picture was thought out and well planned.
Everybody posed.............
I love how we can take LOTS of pictures
and weed out the bad ones and save the good ones.
It was surely no fun sending off a film and waiting for the pictures.
I guess when that's all you know, you're fine with it, right?

This was Texas at its best!
Water tanks full of plants.

I already forgot who this guy was.

Did you know that it was the Baptists that fought the hardest for this?
That we didn't want to impose a *state* religion on any person?
People came over here for religious freedom,
then turned right around and imposed it on people.

I always think of my dad when I see bricks.
He loved to change them around the yard.
I did NOT love it.
But I would now.........

Just some big places.

This is where I was left while the other three went up to an observation deck.
They took wonderful pictures and had a nice time up there.
I do not like to go up.
I like to stay DOWN.

We got summpin to drink.....
in the tunnel.

This was a really strange pond/water-fall/pool.
It was steamy and kind of creepy.
I kind of expected a Hobbit to jump out of the bushes.

This is where we ate.
It wasn't in the loveliest part of town,
but the food was good.

We went to the spot where Houston was started.
Kind of like Plymouth Rock, Texas style.
It was a boat dock.

There weren't too many people around.....
mainly just a few taking naps on the benches.

I knew it.
I knew it.
We came up the backside of this building and I THOUGHT it would have something
to do with coffee.
It did!
The banner on the fence that surrounded it said that somebunny was
going to restore the place.
I don't think it's going to happen.
Too bad.

This time Lydia was able to eat dessert.
So we really shared this time.

Just walking in downtown Houston.
We usually just drive right through the city and never see these things.
There's lots of places we go that do not involve *downtown*.
Now I know there is such a place.

Astro's ballgame.
We sat in the area where you got a hat, hot-dog and coke.
(which also meant we were kind of UNDER the big screen everybunny else can see)

Since they are on a losing streak, there were NO fireworks during the game....
mostly just fizzles and duds.

Afterwards, we got to see some.
It felt kind of funny since it wasn't the 4th of July.
(and since the Astro's lost.....)

To the Pie House the next morning.
I am out-voted when it comes to this.
James and Lydia love it there....
and Kimberly actually got a piece of pie for breakfast.
Strawberry Rhubarb.
We went to an art museum after this.
No pictures could be taken.......
I got told that lickety-split-right-away.
I thought the pretty colored things that were in front of a window
Come to find out it was famous art-work.  
The guard proceeded to tell us if we wanted to take pictures while nobody was looking,
we could.
We didn't.
That would almost be like stealing a Christmas Tree.


Rebecca said...

What fun! You know, this is kind of how we discovered Buffalo (NY) on our recent vacation...Looks like a great blend of history and fun and yummies!

Pastor McEntire said...

The guys name is James Baker

Grammie Kim said...

Great you've been to Houston. CIMC

Mrs. Mobunny said...

cimc is right..............