Monday, July 18


As if I need another salt and pepper shaker set.

These were a dime each.  They also have West Germany stamped on the bottom.

I thought they were awfully pretty.  
There they were.  On that *ten cent* shelf.

I will wait before I put anything in them.  I'm sure something interesting will come along.
It always does.


Anonymous said...

Oh Michele, those are SO cute! I just purchased a salt&pepper set for $8.50. I like yours better!There is an antique store in Stafford we will have to go to when you are in Ks. Love Kristi

Mrs. Mobunny said...

You won't believe what I got you for your birthday. It will be very late, but I hated to try to mail it. I'll bring it in September!

Anonymous said...

Well I am really wondering now. I got you something from a memory of our childhood, I was so excited to find them! I did find at Goodwill in Wichita for 50cents a glass syrup holder that has a plastic top the color of the shakers you have of the light green.what is that color I am trying to find, not teal....!!!!