Thursday, June 9

What One Dollar Will Buy

It will buy a neat old enamel tray.  I don't know for sure where it will end up, but it was in perfect condition. It has holes at the top, so I can hang it on the wall if I feel like it.  I doubt I will feel like it though.
It will buy a little Science book.  I love fact books.  Just the facts. Just the facts.  I will use it next year for Lydia's schooling.  If you buy books like this, and you don't like what is in them, as in evolution or something like that, just tear the page out.  I do it all the time.
It will also buy a puffy kitten.  She's on the front room window sill right now.  I just couldn't leave her at the store.......even though she was among good company.


Rebecca said...

I like!

Dee said...

you have a good eye for thrifting. I have enjoyed back reading your blog. I have been away far to long...I have missed a lot of good stuff:)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Thanks! I do enjoy thrift stores. I go to them more often than least I know where the stores ARE and that they will be open!