Saturday, June 11


Two years ago I got a new phone.  It was a grasshopper green Gravity from t-mobile.
I remember when I got it and the first text I texted.
I was in Wal-Mart........and I texted this:
hello desi

I proceeded to take lots of pictures, but never knew that I could save them on the little memory card and then download them onto picasa.
Well, I know now, but it's a bit late for the pictures I deleted.
I won't make that mistake again.
I still have a few memories caught on camera phone from the past two years.
I'm sure there are some beach pictures that got deleted, because the first pictures show us in Colorado.  We went in September?

It was one of the funnest family/friend vacations we have ever been on.
We met the Kelly family in Winter Park, Colorado to spend a short week with them.

 We walked, we looked at mountains, we were awed at the dry air, it snowed while we were there, we listened to Lester Roloff cd's and we watched Twilight Zones.  We made real cinnamon rolls, played Apples To Apples and panted in the thin air.  We also went to Celestial Tea factory in Boulder?

On our way home, we got to go through Kansas to visit my parents.  My dad had some stories about Colorado!  He still wears a ring to this day that he got in Colorado.  If our family of four ever went on vacation when we were growing was also to Colorado.

 This is dad's little trailer he fixed up........and of course, his famous signs on the garage.  He gave me the little blue sink that came with the trailer.  It's one of my favorites.

This was a beautiful shot of a Brazos Bend State Park sunset.  We don't go to this particular park anymore as a church, we are enjoying another one a little further down the road, but close to a Dairy Queen.  We're making new memories at that park and have started a tradition with the Cabrera family to eat at DQ on Saturday afternoon with each other.

We got Bunny one horribly cold and rainy day.  She's a good and loving dog, but she leaks.  

Not too long after Bunny came into our lives, Daniel came back.  And this is what he brought to me.  A load of city dirt.  It took me almost 20 months to spread it around the yard, I loved every minute of it though because that pile of dirt means more than meets the eye.

This is what we do with the Kelly family when their daughters have a birthday.  We ice skate.  Well, Desi and I freeze while the kids skate.  I'd LOVE to go to that place in the depths of July, freeze up, then thaw out the rest of the day while we're out toodling!!

Then Hannah was born.  She's a healthy little girl was pretty scary at first, but God blessed.

Grammie Kim got to come to Texas from Alaska to help with new baby Hannah.
Of course I was very glad about that.

I have no idea when this was.......but it was a beautiful evening.  Perfect shadows.

This is the Desi I texted first with my new phone.

 In July we went to Washington D.C. and New York...........I love these steps in Arlington Cemetery.  I wonder if I'll ever be there again?  It was very hot that day.

Pittsburgh Pirates against the Houston Astros.  We lost.

I got to go to Kansas again in the Autumn........this is the inside of dad's little trailer.
Classic late 60's I'm thinking...........I'd love to have it on our property.  It would be fun.
Even though the sink that belongs to it is in my back yard.............

We went camping again............same good time with our church people.

Family picture afternoon.  I always liked this one for some reason..........kind of brushed with the sun or something!

We went to Mississippi for Christmas.  Here is Luke watching Big Beast.  Little boys his age are fun to be around.  They do strange things.

We got a yellow truck.  That meant the car is mine now.  I'd like to trade it in for a Root Beer Brown Ford Flex please and thank you.

See, Hannah is fine now!

camping again.
so there.
two years.


Dee said...

Hoppy times for sure. I love that you named your little dog Bunny. Your dads trailor is really cute. It would be a fun place to stay in with the grands. :)

RonJoe 'Geezer' said...

Great Photos! I like your dad's trailer and signs :-)

Take care and have a great week :-)

ancient one said...

Wonderful pictures of precious memories. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I just wish I would have taken greater care to save the other pictures. Two years worth. At least I learned something.

Miss Linda said...

What fun! All these wonderful places you have been, with so many special people and lots of happy smiles! This was such a delight to read. Thank you for sharing.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I have many friends and a great family.

Rebecca said...

That's how I take & transfer ALL my pictures to the blog, etc. You can even take the little card to Walgreens etc. and print prints off of it! I haven't used a camera for years!

I want a trailer like your father's too. It is my dream, second only to a little house by a river or lake.

I'm wondering "where" in KS? We used to live there...Once in the NW corner and also in middle...