Friday, June 24

Our Dining Room

 I like to change things around....and I do like to get rid of things that I don't enjoy.
I do enjoy this duck....and my water buffalo.  Dad gave me the little brass pots.  They fall over easily, so I try not to touch them.

I love this little reading mouse.  I have her positioned so the sun comes in on her book, that way she doesn't have to squint.

My little wire cat may have spent her 9 lives.  The pitcher is full of marigold seeds.  The mama cat is a planter.  I ought to get some catnip.

Here's my cilantro.  I have two tiny plants coming up.  It's going to be a long time to wait for pico at this rate.  I love old cook books because they have pictures of women in aprons, their old stoves and dishes.

Here's mom's pot of Kansas Cactus.  Lydia keeps watering them and now they're trying to be tall.  I told her, NO NO. No more water.

My beautiful pans.  You can collect china, I will collect old pans.

I'm thinking I must have gotten a special gene from my dad.
If you can put something in something, do it.

This little rabbit on a leaf is from  Lancaster, was in a gift store from the
Life size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle. 

The green bowl looking thing is a Real McCoy.

I am very thankful for my windowsills and shelves. 

I love my house
I love my nest
In all the world
My nest is best
Homes that our feet may leave
But not our hearts!


Anonymous said...

My favorite picture is the one of the old books. I LOVE old books, they're just beautiful to look at. I love the smell of them too. (o:

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Then you MUST come to my house!

Rebecca said...

I think I have that "put something in something" gene, too! Maybe we're distant relatives!

Did you happen to see my white cat planter recently? Yours and mine might also be related!

(Don't get me started on books.)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Yes, I have seen your kitty.......the gene needs to kick in I guess.....Mine's still empty.

no spring chicken said...

What a fun collection you have. I'm really loving the little mouse with the sunny book!!

Blessings, Debbie

*The Old Geezer said...

I like to change things around too. It drive my wife nuts! :-)

Have a great weekend :-)


Miss Debbie said...

I like tinware, too. I have a casserole dish and a pitcher. And I like old books,too. I have a couple that were my grandparents when they were children... they are dear to my heart!

Betsy said...

You sure have some fun pieces in your home. I love old books and buy them whenever I have a chance. Thanks for sharing some of your treasures.