Saturday, June 4


 I was just looking at pictures today....and I realized I have lots of Lydia.

 It's because she came along about the same time digital cameras did.

 Seems like she was always doing something worthy of a picture.

 I imagine the other 5 kids were picture worthy, too.........but it cost more.

 A long time ago, you took ONE picture.

 Now we can take 10 of the same thing, look them over and delete the 8 that weren't good.

 I remember buying film, putting it in my 110 camera......taking pictures very carefully.

 Then, I'd take the film out and put it in a film mailer to Clark or somewhere else. 

 Sometimes you'd wait 2plus weeks for the pictures to come back.

 You took the good with the bad.

 You'd think that with all that trouble, we would have taken more time to FOCUS.

 It was too expensive to take them to a drug-store to have them developed.

 But, right before digital cameras got popular, (understandably so), I started taking my film to Wal-mart.

 Now that was uptown downtown.

 We have so many things in our lives that are good.
And we complain so much.

 Yes, Lydia will be the most photographed child we had.....

 I really wish I had more pictures of the other 5.......but I don't.

 It just makes their pictures even more special. 

 When you have a LOT of something, you can become ungrateful for it.

 That's why, in my Picasa, I do NOT keep the pictures that aren't good.

 If you keep the blurry and unfocused pictures, then maybe you won't be able to see and keep track of the GOOD pictures.

 Get rid of the bad and keep the good.

I think that's a good way to live in general.


Humble wife said...

So much truth in this. I am the same way, and sad sometimes that I do not have so many of the older ones.

I watch even toddlers rush up to a digital camera to see what the photo looks like. Amazing!!

I remember mailing the film back to the states and would wait forever to get my photos back. Then I would sigh and wish someone did not have a finger in their nose, or was looking another way...etc, etc.

Lovely post.

A Quiet Gracious Life said...

She's a beautiful subject to photograph! (o:

Miss Linda said...

What a wonderful post! I remember having a 35mm camera as a child, and I remember the trouble of putting film in, then waiting for the pictures to be developed. Digital cameras have, as you said, made such a difference and made taking pictures so much easier! I have a Kodak camera, and the Kodak software allows me to improve lighting, resolve 'red eye', and generally improve the image, to a certain degree. And, as you mentioned, you can take several pictures and just keep the best one.

It was so lovely to see beautiful Lydia as she progressed from sweet little girl to lovely young woman. Thank you for sharing these with us!

ancient one said...

Back in the day, it seemed to me that the older child had the most pictures. I remember all your memories, and Clark's was my favorite film developer. Sure makes it easier with the digital cameras. I have the pictures stored everywhere, but still don't get many acutal photos to hold in my hand. (Lots on floppy disks ??) Most now on CD's and DVD's.. I use Snapfish. LOL

Sara said...

I love all my photos!
Lydia was so easy to pose! I think Evelyn might have the same knack!
I need to go through my pics on the laptop and clean some of them out.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Picasa is one place I have pretty good control of.....I hate having blurry pictures.....or pictures of elbows.