Wednesday, June 1

Being Sick

Sunday evening in church, I felt a sore throat coming on.
I must have picked up something infectious in Houston.
As my dad would say,
"I don't feel too whippy."
I will spare you any details.....
I just don't feel too whippy.
And it's driving me crazy.
I come home to a bedroom that needs changed around
to accommodate the new bed,
zinnias need to be trimmed, 
Bunny needed a bath,
I have some new patterns for dresses,
I have an order for the Rabbit Hutch,
James bought some fun root-beer and I don't want any
because it burns my throat,
I want to sweep and dust,
pull weeds..........
but most of all, 
I'm missing walking with my husband
*around the river*.
I complain about the wind when it's blowing,
I complain about the humid stillness when it's not,
I get rocks in my shoes and two miles
is a long way in the morning.
But I wish I was with him right now,
walking and talking.
Well, I'm pretty sure what I've got is temporary,
I'll feel better again.
Then I can sew another dress,
make some curtains,
get seeds from the purple flowers,
take Kimberly back and forth to work.....
I LOVE to get groceries.
I am never unable to get groceries because I'm sick.
But it had to happen.
I hope you are all feeling
*very* whippy today.


Rebecca said...

Sometimes all it takes is a day or two of not feeling whippy to appreciate all the ordinary stuff...

Gargle with some salt water, rest & get whippy soon!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Thanks Rebecca...........

A Quiet Gracious Life said...

Awww.....I hope you feel better soon. Maybe use the time to read something you've been wanting to read or watch something you've been wanting to watch but haven't had the time because of all the other things you mentioned needing to be done. (o:


Hope you are feeling much better soon. Just rest and don't worry about what is not getting done, It will most likely be there when you are feeling very "whippy." I love you, take care. granma

Mrs. Mobunny said...

The TV box erased "Good-bye Mr. Chips" takes me about 8 years to watch a movie.....I guess that's too long.

ancient one said...

Oh no... being sick is not fun. A "cold" just went through our church. I had the mess and for three days it was horrible, but I promise it gets better... Just rest and take the time you need to feel better.

Jersey Mama said...

Sorry you have the sore throat! I hate them so much. They make me want to cut my head off. Bleh. Feel better soon!

Miss Linda said...

I'm so sorry you are not well and pray you will soon feel much better very soon!

Anonymous said...

Michele, you always seem to remember things that Dad says better than me. It could just be allergies..I had an earache for a couple of days and a slight sore throat.We have more pictures of Autumn than the others, guess we have more time with our last child.I emailed you a while back, did you check it? Love Kristi

Mrs. Mobunny said...

this was no allergy issue.......but I seem to be getting better. Yes, I got your e-mail. No, I haven't answered it. Sorry.