Thursday, May 26

Your Own Version

We are celebrating the 400th birthday of the KJV this year.  It is the  version I used as a new Christian and the only one I will ever use. There are many reasons for this.......and it is a conviction not a preference.  It matters very much to me.......and I shall not be moved......

I read a poem this morning and it goes like this:

Your Own Version
P. Gilbert

You are writing a gospel,
A chapter each day,
By deeds that you do,
By words that you say.

Men read what you write,
Whether faithful or true;
Say, what is the gospel
According to you?


I am on a child-rearing/home-school forum and the women are discussing different Bible versions.  I am not agreeing with them, but that doesn't mean I can't learn something from them when speaking on the subject.  One woman said what good does any version Bible do you if you never read it?  Well.  The Bible does us NO good if we don't read it and hide it in our heart.  
People that don't know the Lord aren't  too worried about Bible is probably not even on their *be concerned about this* list.
AND, what good does it do the lost world if we don't act like hopes to share the Truth with them?
So, what do the lost have to go on?
YOU.  They see you, they watch you, they doubt your sanity, they wonder why you do the things you do, they may mock and make fun, they may secretly admire your standards.......but until somebody actually opens a Bible and sees their lost and hopeless state....all they see are Christians and those *so called*.  They see church buildings and all the crazies. 
Our upright lives will NOT take anybody to heaven.  My desire to love and serve the Lord will not get anybody to heaven.........but my life before the lost will hopefully make them desire something they do not have..................then maybe one day I can share the gospel with them.  Actually open the Bible.   
Some of us.......ME being one of them........are very particular about the version I use when it comes to I being as careful with my *live* version? 
HONK at somebody, engage in road rage.......and see if it doesn't hinder sharing the gospel with that person............chew out a cashier about a trivial matter...........scream often at your children in the front inconsistent...........demand your rights in a restaurant......insist on perfection when you're at Eye Masters.  Go ahead, let your middle name be *complain*.
We MUST NOT hinder the chance to be able to share the gospel with somebody because of what we have written on their memory.  There are enough hindrances to the Gospel and the Light........don't be one of them.
So, when you go out, remember who you are and what you are about.

" Live Christ! --and all thy life shall be
A sweet, uplifting ministry,
A sowing of the fair white seeds
That fruit through all eternity. "
J. Oxenham

There is only one thing we can take to heaven with us.


Miss Linda said...

This was an excellent post and I agree wholeheartedly with your statements here. Those who may never stop to read a Bible can learn of the gospel through our lives. It is such a great responsibility and a great privilege!

P.S.: I, too, am KJV-only.

A Quiet Gracious Life said...

Amen!!! I am KJ-only too. (o:

I think the part of your post that is important to remember along with living like a Christian, is actually opening your mouth and sharing your faith with someone. So many don't.

Great post!