Thursday, May 5


 We had our piano tuned a little while back.  When the young man got here, he started right away to take it all apart.  I had never *seen* inside the piano before.  It's just something I don't want to take apart and try to put back together.  Besides, I might see things I don't want to see. 

 It has been in need of a tuning for quite a while.  It's just easy to put it off because it still PLAYS.  You can still make music on it.  Now, if we would have had a finely tuned piano next to it to compare it to, we may have gotten it tuned sooner.  It didn't really take that long and it wasn't THAT much money.

It was worth it, everything sounds better and I feel better knowing we did what we could for it!  The rest is up to Kimberly!  It is so nice to have a piano player in the house, I've enjoyed her for many years.  I love it when she plays out of the Fiddler on the Roof book!  
 When my dad hears a kid hollering or being bad, he says, "That kid needs a tune-up."  When I was growing up, about the only tune-up I needed was a look from dad.  He could change my young mind with just a glance.   

Do YOU need a tune up?  How are you managing?  What's really going on in your heart?  Only YOU can really know.  You can look good and sound good and do all the things you should, but what if somebody took off your cover?  And looked inside?  Are you putting something spiritual off that needs to be taken care of TODAY?  Will the cost be too much for you to make a change?  Don't want to think about it?   Are you comparing yourself to the worst?  Or to the Lord?  Search me O' God........and know my heart today.  Tune my heart to sing thy grace.  
Do YOU need a tune-up?

See yourself as an old piano. 


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