New Project

I want to find a dress pattern that works.
I am liking Mom Walton and the way she dresses.
Just a plain dress in pretty fabric.
Why don't women want to look feminine?
It's such a glorious thing.
To look nice, pretty, and feminine.
So, I got the pattern at Hospice thrift store....and the fabric at SPCA thrift store.
I think that's what I will do tonight.
Sew myself a dress.


Rebecca said…
Oh, oh, oh! I can't wait to see the finished result! I absolutely love pattern.
Mrs. Mobunny said…
With all the thrift store shopping I do, I should be able to find some *old* type shoes, too.
Anonymous said…
The pattern is very pretty!

For me dresses don't work too well because I'm quite a bit smaller through the shoulders than I am through the hips so dresses never fit me correctly. I mostly end up wearing skirts and tops.

But if you sew it yourself I guess you don't have to worry about things like that, do you?

Happy Sewing! (o:
Moma Chas said…
When you get ready, let me know. I want one. I want pretty plain dresses and I want to wear them EVERY day! <3 :)
Mrs. Mobunny said…
I had to use a different piece of fabric......the other was not wide enough for the skirt. Strange piece of fabric......
Miss Linda said…
I hope your dress is turning out very nicely. I do a lot of sewing, in fact I sew most of my clothes. It is very difficult to find modest, feminine clothing in the stores these days.

I look forward to seeing the finished product! I am sure it will be lovely.
Mrs. Mobunny said…
The dress is done. All it needs is the buttons. It fit and the pattern I used is a keeper.

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