Friday, May 13

May Gardens

I didn't have any zinnias last year to speak of, so I'm pretty excited about the ones I have right now!

I think this must be from a wildflower mix...........and this must be the only one that grew.

This has been my favorite Larkspur this Spring...........because it is two colors.  Two pretty colors!

This reminds me of an old fashioned dress............I'm glad I've got pictures of this because you certainly cannot KEEP these forever in the garden or in a vase.

I'm gathering larkspur seeds right now............I shake the flower stalk to see if any are ready!  It's the reward of pulling weeds and getting bit by red ants........the rattling of seeds ready to be stored away for next season.


There was a *Day-Lily* show at our mall on Saturday..........I didn't see mine there.  These are nice, but not really something I would choose.  

This isn't really a very nice or clear picture.......cilantro plants going to seed....they don't rattle when they're ready, they turn brown and get really dry.  It is just pretty neat to have cilantro growing all around the yard.

This sunflower doesn't look well, does it?  It is facing South.  Maybe after the rain we had last night, it will get happy and bloom right.

A stray cosmos.

This has not been a good year for marigolds.....the only ones that are growing are small and quiet.

This poor leaf is the result of NO RAIN for months and fell off the tree discolored.  

A family in our church gave us this tree.  I think they want it back. . . . . 

I have a tomato coming up ONE INCH from the sidewalk in the garden by the front door.  It has a few tiny tomatoes growing...........wouldn't that be something..........if they grew......and I didn't even plant it. 

My new garden cart from my husband for Mother's Day.  I can't wait to use it!!

Last but not least.............Donut the bunny in her new cage.  She would NOT pose for me.  I do hope she is *with bunnies*.  Guess we'll see in a couple of days.  She's got a new wooden nursery box filled with Timothy Hay just waiting. 


Rebecca said...

I quite impressed (and a little intimidated) by the ease with which you identify your blooms! They ARE beautiful, Michelle. I 'specially like the "volunteers" that have sprung up around your yard & garden.

Kudos to your husband on that WONDERFUL Mother's Day gift!

ancient one said...

Loved looking at your pretty blooms. We usually have volunteer cherry tomatoes come up every year.. but so far we haven't found any. I love plants that come back every year.

Sara said...

The nicer the garden, the bigger the bugs! EEWWW!!