Wednesday, May 25

Martha Stewart

 (it's kind of essential that you don't cheat)

I record Martha Stewart Bakes shows.  I love to watch her and listen to her cook.  She just said something really funny.  
"It's kind of essential." 
I didn't hear the rest of it...........but I chuckled when I heard what I *did* hear.  Can you put those two thoughts together?  Sounds like some people....knowing what is right, but they don't want to be too loud about it in case it comes back on them, and THEY have to obey or perform.

(it's kind of essential that you don't eat too many sweets)

(it's kind of essential that you love as you would want to be loved)

(it's kind of essential to not be have to rent storage buildings for your stuff)

(it's kind of essential to be a keeper (stayer) at home)

I'm sure there are WAY too many things I put in this category.
"kind of essential"

If I say "kind of" I won't really be committing myself to doing anything..........but it might be essential for "others" to do it..............


Miss Linda said...

Hmmmmm, there is much food for thought here! Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

Sara said...

It's kinda essential to visit your blog for me...and I do it! Love you Mom! :)