Monday, May 23

In My Garden, May 23

 I'm pretty excited about this ruffly sunflower.  I bought the seeds at Lowe's.

The zinnias just keep blooming and blooming.

This zinnia is right by the front door.......I'm excited to see what color it will bloom.
I am having to water all the flowers by hose....
it's rather dry around here.
Except for the air.
I called my mom the other day....she lives
in Central Kansas. 
She said it was humid.
I said that's not humid.
That's cold front dry for us.

The larkspurs are going to seed.  I LOVE to collect seeds from my spent flowers.
I am keeping some seeds isolated from the others from a special larkspur flower.
It was the prettiest one of them all.
I hope to have lots of them next year.
I have a pot full of zinnias trying their best to dry out.
I do hope I can plant a late Summer/early Autumn garden this year.
I don't know what I'm always so busy doing in September that keeps me from it.
I'm buying seeds a little bit at a time so I will have them.

This is a pretty neat *bought* sunflower grown from seed.
I think it's kind of funny that it faces the road.
Totally against the sun.
It is a proud sunflower I tell you.

This is such a dreamy color.
I should call Martha Stewart so she can name some paint after it.
Available at Home Depot.
and K-Mart.

I am getting a second growing and blooming of Blue-Bonnets.
The dry weather is causing strange things in my garden....
it's also bringing the never-ending ants into my house, too.

I have a curly Day-Lily.
They're not my favorite, but I will never pull them up.
I think my mom likes them.

This zinnia is SO tall, all I did was hold out my camera,
it's shoulder high.
I had more time to tend to blooming flowers in early Spring
because I didn't spend time pulling clover out of Blue-Bonnet plants in the front yard.
We mowed instead.  Kept them contained in the gardens.

I really don't know how things get planted in my gardens...........I just know they grow.
I even keep some weeds.

Last but not least..........just some little tomatoes
growing growing growing.
I'm watering them, watching them,
keeping them propped up,
but I have no plans to eat them.

"A friend of mine once remarked, "It occurs to me that you have a lot of living things to take care of....."
Yes, but they also take care of me."

"Plant a lot of plants.
That way there will always be something new to see.
And something that needs to be done."

I so much enjoy gardening.
I enjoy the weeding and the fixing up.
I can't say I like fire-ants and mosquitoes.
But at any time of the day........I can go outside
and find something that needs water,
something needs snipped,
something needs moved,
something needs attention.......
and I'm glad to give it.


Miss Linda said...

Oh your garden is so very lovely!! Sunflowers and zinnias always seem like such happy flowers to me! Thank you for sharing these lovely images. They truly brightened my day.

Sara said...

That pink zinnia looks soft to touch! So pretty! Love you flowers!