Friday, May 13


this kid would NOT stay still so I could take her picture..........
I did get this good one
Hannah and the Bunny
not to be confused with Bunny the dog, or the bunny out back in a new pen.


Miss Linda said...

What a "hoppy" post! :)

Truly a sweet picture. Have a wonderful weekend!

Grammie Kim said...

Such a sweetie! :) Thanks for posting the pic. Her dress is so cute.

Rebecca said...

Lots of bunnies at YOUR house :) Hannah is precious.

There was a WONDERFUL surprise in the mail today! Thank you. Any suggestions re planting? Sun? Shade? Shallow?

(Guess I could get info on internet, huh?)

You're very thoughtful.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Plant them in a few different locations......they do like water. Some of mine are in shade, some in hot sun, some in a rock garden.

Rebecca said...

That's what I needed to know :)