Thursday, May 19

God Wants To Hear You Sing

 Their chains were fastened tight
Down at the jail that night
Still Paul and Silas would not be dismayed
They said, “It’s time to lift our voice, sing praises to the Lord
Let’s prove that we will trust Him come what may”

God wants to hear you sing
When the waves are crashing ’round you
When the fiery darts surround you
When despair is all you see
God wants to hear your voice
When the wisest man has spoken
And says, “Your circumstance is as hopeless as can be”
That’s when God wants to hear you sing

 He loves to hear our praise on our cheerful days
When the pleasant times outweigh the bad, by far
But when suffering comes along
And we still sing Him songs
That is when we bless the Father’s heart.

Psalm 42:8  Yet the LORD will command his loving-kindness in the daytime, and in the night his song shall be with me, and my prayer unto the God of my life.



I think this has to be my favorite of your posts, Michele, Thanks so much. love you, Grandma

Rebecca said...

♪ Yep! Me, too! What Connie said. ♫

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I had a good time snapping the pictures!! I told Kimberly today that if I knew how to play piano....I would love to go through old hymn books and just play the songs to see what they sound like. There are HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS I have never heard. They're just poems to me until I hear the music.

Robins in the Trundle Bed said...

Happy, hoppy Spring time from us to you!!!!
Sheila and Sherrill