Sunday, May 22

Charity and Its Fruits/ Jonathan Edwards

Men that have their spirits heated and enraged, and rising in bitter resentment when they are injured, act as if they thought some strange thing had happened to them; whereas they are very foolish in so thinking, for it is no strange thing at all, but only what was to be expected in a world like this.  

They, therefore, do not act wisely, that allow for their spirits to be ruffled by the injuries they suffer; for a wise man doth but expect more or less injury in the world, and is prepared for it, and, in meekness of spirit, is prepared to endure it.

In this way we shall be most above injuries.  He that has established such a spirit and disposition of mind that the injuries received from others do not exasperate and provoke him, or disturb the calmness of his mind, lives, as it were, above injuries, and out of their reach.  He conquers them, and rides over and above them, as in triumph, exalted above their power.  

He that has so much of the exercise of a Christian spirit, as to be able meekly to bear all injuries done him, dwells on high, where no enemy can reach him.  

The spirit of Christian long-suffering, and of meekness in bearing injuries, is a mark of true greatness of soul.  It shews a true and noble nature, and real greatness of spirit, thus to maintain the calmness of the mind in the midst of injuries and evils.  

He that is slow to anger, is better than the mighty!

This book was first written in 1852....and can still be applied today.
Different year, same God, same principles.  
Same Holy Spirit to help us be strong.


Rebecca said...

These ARE powerful and important words to hear & internalize! Our present national inclination is to legislate and propogate such "tolerance" to eliminate ANY and ALL chances of "hurt feelings". We've become selfish and sheltered, unable to withstand the slightest bit of hardship--a little like a bunch of hot bed plants.

(Well, maybe I've OVERstated this, but I AM quite enthusiastic about the Jonathan Edwards challenge you shared here.)

Miss Linda said...

Thank you so very much for sharing this wonderful quote from Jonathan Edwards. This is the same Scripture-based guidance I have read from many other wonderful sources such as John Angell James, A. Z. Tozer, well, I could go on and on.

This is going into my notebook of inspiring quotes and words to live by.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful week! :)