Monday, May 30

27 Hours

 We went to Grand Lux Cafe for supper..........and dessert.
We love to eat's kind of like
Cheesecake Factory.  
We shared a meal so we would have room for dessert.
I got a piece of chocolate cake.
It was the size of Rhode Island.
James got something with raspberry so I wouldn't eat any of it.

 Went to a play and saw Granpa and Granma there!
(it was her birthday)
The play had a double meaning, children actors....
I think we had the best seats.  
We faced the porch that was on the set.

 Drove to the motel? hotel?
I'm this old and I still don't know the difference.
I enjoyed being in downtown Houston.
Maybe we were actually uptown.
I'm this old and still don't know the difference.

 We were waiting for our I took a few pictures.
James gets rooms off of we stay in ritzy places for Motel 6 prices.
Which means they park our car for us in their secure underground garage.

They lost our keys.
It's a good thing I had mine with me.
Or they would have had to rent us a Cherry Red Ford Flex.
They are still lost.
Note to self:

 The Pie House.
This is where we eat breakfast.
We'll have to go there someday for just pie.
It's the closest thing to a diner I've seen in Texas.
Everything in this place is old.
There is an interesting mix of people that eat here.
Maybe it's like that at Denny's and IHOP and I just don't notice.

 I was overwhelmed in the thrift stores.
(ain't that crazy?)
Thankfully Tom-Tom took us right to them.......but there was no GPS to find what I was shopping i was on my own. 
The shelves and racks were absolutely packed in every store except one.
I spent around $25.

 If you are ever in a large city that has a Central Market
if you can.  It is an amusement park of food.

 I like to look at flags blowing,
it tells the secret of which way the wind is from.
My favorite is to see a flag heading South.....

Fish Body Pillows at Bass Pro Shop
James didn't want to stay there long....and now I know why.
He wanted to get me home for the surprise waiting for me.

 .....these are some fun things we picked out.......
I hope to open all of it slowly and make it last.  

 I bought a cool little glass shaker jar.
I haven't decided what to put in it yet.
cinnamon doesn't seem very fun
Lydia is now interested in making flour tortillas
and it is NOT a good thing to be without honey.

 We tried the Brazos River Blackberry Jam this morning.
It is from Dripping Springs, Texas.
We've been there on a camping vacation before.
Actually, my husband took us to a thrift store in the little town.
Dripping Springs.
how would you like to live there?
What a fun address.
 I love biscotti.
I am NOT usually too excited about dipping stuff in my coffee,
but I will a biscotti.
Try them if you haven't done so yet.

 I'm sure we will work this into lunch today somehow.
James picked these out,
all three are garlic.

 I had to put the *maple nut goodies* in his office.
I cannot bear to keep looking at them.
I have always loved the little fruit slices.
Many years ago when I was a Girl Scout,
we caroled in a small town and a lady brought fruit slices out for us.
It's one of those *good memory* foods to me.

 fun cheese, whole grain English muffins....and fig bars

 My mom sent us some money for our anniversary and we bought a grilling basket.
I hope to cut up peppers, onions, squash and corn......
I've pretty much decided that I will NOT do the meat this year.
Nobody likes marinated/bbq boots.
I will just stick to easy things.

We will cut up the pineapple today......and maybe drink a root-beer.
It was a fun 27 hours.
If you haven't noticed,
my husband spoils me.


Rebecca said...

I can tell how much your enjoyed your 27 hours! My goodness, what a variety of goodies you found....and I can't wait to see what you found at the thrift stores.

On the way home from delivering our son's car back to him, I had hoped to stop at a garage sale we'd seen on the way there....but we missed it. I was disappointed. Haven't been thrift store shopping or garage sale-ing forever!

Pen Pen said...

What a wonderful 27 hours!!!! Did you ever get your keys back? My fav. is maple nut goodies... when I'm feeling bad, they make everything ok. ;o)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very fun 27 hours! (o:

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time! Happy Anniversary!!