Saturday, April 16

old stuff

 Honestly, why drink out of new cups when you can drink out of old ones?
I really enjoy finding these, washing them up and putting them on my shelves.  
I wish they could talk.  What stories they might tell. 


Grammie Kim said... find the most unusual things!

Anonymous said...

I always think the same thing about old objects, I wonder what their story is....

Rebecca said...

I like these, too! They are very hard to find around here! At antique shops they are priced between $3-$8.

Yours are just delightful.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the glasses...oh wow...words cannot say how much I like to collect little glasses!! I even have a article from Martha Stewart about little "swisher" glasses!!One of my most favorites was knocked off of a shelf when my husband was hammering outside and it broke in little pieces. We will have to talk about you selling them to me sometime.HEEHEE OK, so I have a collection you will have to see next time you are in kS. Love your sister Kristi