Wednesday, April 20

going campin

It's that time again!  We love to go camping, and really enjoy the times we go with our church.
I'm packing's not my favorite, but in order to have a good time while we're there,
pack, I must.

Sometimes I cook, sometimes I don't.  Looks like we had an EASY breakfast in the picture.....
I bought blueberry waffles, precooked sausage, and will take cheese and fry an egg for a MCsandwich on 
Friday morning.  I'm sure I'll take along pop-tarts just in case....

I bought Bunny some special canned food for when we are there.  She usually gets in a tizzy and won't eat....but I imagine she will *this* time.  

We are usually the first to get there......we choose which shelter we want.......maybe we will just pick a random one this time.  It really doesn't matter.  As long as it doesn't have spiders.

We have good times doing different things with each other.  The *Garbage Sack Race* always causes action.  You might get anything from a nice a warm can of coke.

Some won't be there this time..........Daniel is in the last few weeks of Police Academy.......and can't miss.

It's nice to take walks......and just enjoy quiet things.  

The days go by too fast.  We pack, we camp, we go home.  All the packing is worth it if you like to camp.  If you don't like to camp, then it puts a kink in your style.  If I'm going to pack SO many things for such a short time, I'd better make that short time VERY good and VERY worth every minute.  And I usually do.

It's always fun to enjoy the things your husband enjoys.  We'd like to be professional campers.
Full time.  There are THOUSANDS of places to go camping in the States.  We'd love to see them all and walk all their hikes and see all their birds and smell all their flowers.


I don't have littles anymore.  We now just take kids that do everything for themselves.  I don't know how I did it before.  Maybe I was younger?

We get there as soon as we can.  We get up early, go to Bucees and the donut store....then we're on our way.  

camp chili, bbq beef burgers, sandwiches, MCsandwiches, cream cheese/marshmallow dip and fruit, hot dogs, cans of fruit.....we won't just eat CANDY.


Grammie Kim said...

Man oh man! I would LOVE to go for a hike/walk with you. But, um, if we did that, we might never walk back...remember how many hours we can talk without finishing a conversation!!!?
Have a great trip...

A Quiet Gracious Life said...

Have fun!!! It looks like you will. (o:

Anonymous said...

i hope the weather is nice for you! i saw a video on "the ten cities you only thought were lost" (or something like that) and it made me want to pack it up and hit the road. time to start planning a summer vacation!


Mrs. Mobunny said...

The sky is going to be close to the ground and it's humid....but we're going NORTH, so that might help.

Rebecca said...

Camper I'm not. Just never sounded easy enough for me when the kids were home. (Now, of course, I wish I'd made the effort.)

I'm a pretty simple person - and I DO enjoy nature. Just don't have the skills to survive in too rustic a setting for very long. And I need my sleep - on a semi-comfortable bed.

I'm sounding a little pampered here, aren't I?!?

How did it go, by the way?

Mrs. Mobunny said...

We had a good time Rebecca,,,,,,,,I made a new post about it. I didn't really take too many pictures this time.