Wednesday, April 20

Get the Whole Story

There was quite a show on a week or so back *featuring* Independent Baptists.
I could hardly stand to watch it.........for a lot of reasons.....
The main one being.........there is always more than one side to a story.

Any story.

We've heard it said in more than one way, the dead can't speak and defend themselves.
Seems to me that more than the dead are being involved in that group.

Even if you're alive these days, nobody wants to hear your side.
The wise will search out a matter.

I've been giving this *2 sides to a story* some thought lately.
 If I hear ONE side of a story, I MUST remember that is all I know.
You cannot know enough, if you only have part.
(you can come to some laughable conclusions though)

The problem is, I want to believe a certain thing about the group or person, so one side is good enough for me in too many cases. 
I imagine I'm not the only one like this.

So, I might have problems with what Mormons believe, I sure don't like the actions of a terrorist and I totally disagree with Democrats.  So I'm biased 1/2 of the story might be good enough for me on any given report or subject about these three groups.
The same thing happens over and over again from world the lady down the street.

People choose to believe the worst, they don't really want all the facts, and even if they did, it might not change anything.  The story tellers can ALWAYS find somebody that will believe their one sided report.  There is always somebody out there that is biased, they're not hard to find.  Tell them something they want to hear, they believe it, and that's it.  Something is usually in it for those that believe easily. 

Sometimes we're personally affected by this action and sometimes we're not.  What stories I believe about the Taliban aren't near as close to home and won't tend to change my life in any way.  But what I believe about a church member, or a family member, will affect me.  I'd BETTER get both sides of a story, or just let the story stop and drop with me. 

Just how often can't we get both sides of a story?
Usually when we don't want the other side. (however often that is)

I know God is Just and He will sort it all out in the end.  I don't need to keep track of anything.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Jack and I watched that show. They also seemed to make being submissive to your husband as bad and we know it only is when the man uses it wrongly. They fail to mention that abuse can and does happen in many denominations. Any church can go wrong when perverted by man.

texaneskimo said...

thanks mo. sometimes we forget to put things in perspective, and then we can be just as guilty as anyone for believing something wrong. and it's not fair to anyone to just listen to someone telling a tale of wrongdoing and not get the facts ~ if you're gonna LISTEN, you owe it to the villian of the story to get the other side. Who knows what you might find out?


Good thoughts, great wisdom! Somethings we just always need to remember that there is always another side to every story. People for the most part do believe what they want to believe, regardless, It is whatever the heart seeks. I pray for sound vision,Godly hearing and my life to please God in all things.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Where would sensational TV be without ONE sided stories? And what would rebels do if BOTH sides were known? It would cut down on the soap operas they cause, and then they would have nothing to do with all of their time.