Monday, April 25

camp 2011

We had a very good time, but it was very warm and very humid.
We got there around 10? Thursday morning and stayed until around 1 on Saturday.

I brought things in keepers and had some spiffy boxes this time........this is the first time we didn't have the van to pack things up in.  The van was really nice cause I could pack the night before and lock it.  (As if somebody wanted our camping stuff.)
I have note-cards and each one of them cover a different aspect of the things I need to remember.

Entertainment:  magazines to look through, badmitton set, washers, games, books, bubbles and maybe my ancient tape player and a few George B. Shea tapes......

Medicines:  kleenex, bug spray, my Burt's Bee's bag, sunscreen and band-aids. AND TUMS.

Shelter: mirror, trash sacks, bar soap, nite lite, flash lights, lantern, fan/heater, ext. cords, laundry basket

Critters: kennel, leashes, food and water bowls

Food: first I do the menu, then I go down it and see what kitchen things I will in....
sausage needs a skillet and spatula......and pot holder............. that way I'm not just sticking things in a box that I *might* need

zzzzzzz:  beds, sheets, pillows, sleeping bear

Suitcase: shampoo, outfits for each day, 23 pairs of shoes

HOUSE: turn off ac, get Bibles, phone plug ins, everything in fridge and freezer

Garage: air pump, chairs, bikes...................

And yes, I do bring things I don't need.............I bring thin table-cloths to put over boxes and tables and other flat surfaces so we don't have to look at the bottoms of keepers, boxes OR the top of a greasy picnic table.  Those are my only extras and now that I think of it, they are not extras.  I have lots of fun cloths that my Granny AND Grandma both used to have.  Double-knit orange hemmed on the sides table cloths.  I love them.  Evidently, so did they.     


Sometimes I make a very nice breakfast, and sometimes I don't.  I put old 1/2&1/2 bottles full of ice in the food ice chest and after being there three hot days,,,,,,,,the ice was NOT melted when we got home.  
So, I made a note of that and will start doing it for each camp-out.  The food ice chest can get very interesting.....cheese slices floating around, bbq sauce bottles upsidedown, eggs that won't let the lid close tight........well, it's all fun to me.

I also have a note card that I have with me at the camp out where I can write things down that I want to bring pickles, everybody wanted more pickles / better coffee, no more packaged stuff from motel's just not good / more magazines to go through / flavored dry coffee creamer....plain dry cream is good but boring / CRAISIN Trail Mix AND Chex Mix / only two meals next time......late breakfast, early supper, no lunch

I love to take walks with my husband...........we walked to the Brazos River, looked at funny worms, stepped in poison ivy and dodged bike riders.

Can you see the monster?  scary.  

 Through the year I look for something fun to hang outside the shelter.....this time it was a huge dragonfly. 
Who knows about next time?  I love our church's fun to just be with our people and visit, take pictures and fellowship.


Rebecca said...

You are very organized! What a great idea to have those note cards, adding to them from year to year. I can't get over how homey you make the shelter look!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

We're in the *shelter* camping mode right now. We see people sleep in their jeep, rent a cabin, put up a tent or pull a 24' trailer. We'd like a pop-up. Just somewhere to put our stuff so we can take walks.

A Quiet Gracious Life said...

I agree, you sure do make the shelter look cosy and homey.

And YES! I *could* see the monster!

Grammie Kim said...!