Monday, March 21

YAY ..............go COFFEE

It has beautiful innards.

It just shines and shines.

one dollar

I can have 60 friends over for coffee,
or 30 two cuppers,
or 15 people that bring their super size mugs,
or 5 friends with nothing to do but
drink coffee with me all day.


Anonymous said...

Oh it's *lovely*! All sparkly and shiny. (o:

Heather said...

I'm thinking you're glad you DIDN'T get that other one. I'd be honored to drink out of that coffee pot. My Finnish great Aunt drank 24 cups of coffee a day until she got scolded by her dr. Now she drinks 4. She could've used a pot like that.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

better to be disappointed,,,,then pleased,,,,,,? it worked for me!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you got the coffee pot and what a bargain! Kristi

ancient one said...

yay.... happy for you!!