Thursday, March 17

Spring Break?

Spring is here where we live.
I got this bush from my daughter's yard in Mississippi and it is blooming
so *prettily*.
Little pink tufts.
I hope I never stop enjoying the things that grow in our yard
and gardens.

James is doing the hall-way.
Patching the many nail holes.
I have the pictures all fixed up in nice frames..........
waiting to be hung up once again.
I did get to choose the paint.......
I'll show the finished project,
when it gets finished !!

So I cleaned what we call Blue's Room today.
It's a little room by another little room, off of a little room,
on the South side of the garage.
It's just a little room with FOUR full size doors
going in and going out.
One is a Dutch door.
At the present time, it is closing.
When the house shifts, it doesn't want to close.

The top shelf holds vases.
If I want to use one,
I will have to wash it.
I have a feeling the next time the room gets cleaned,
that some of those vases will be gotten rid of.
The second shelf holds light bulbs, towels for Bunny's bath,
some plastic containers....
and a crafty thing to make a square of cement with a word stamped into it.
Sort of like a tombstone.
It was supposed to be for Milly, my beloved rabbit that died in childbirth,
but I just never got around to fixing it up.

I found these neato rocks in a rusty can and decided they would look nicer
in an old coffee part,
nobody can think of what it might be called.
The part that holds the filter and the coffee.
If you can think of it,
please TELL us what it is.
Behind it is an OLD bicycle basket.
I can't bear to part with it.

Here is a stack of assorted magazines.......mainly Texas Parks and Wildlife.
I like to have magazines to thumb through when I'm sitting out back
eating Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds and drinking ice water.

Here is the pitiful avocado trees.  They got *frozen* again.
There is a little sprout coming out of a lower part of the large trunk.
I DO hope they are alive.
and fruitful someday

Bricks and Bunny.  I spent half of my childhood moving bricks for my dad,
now I'm doing it myself.
If I had a dollar for every brick or rock that was SPECIALLY brought into our yard,
I'd be a rich woman.

This is the base of the large avocado tree.....see the sprig of hope?
The big rock to the right is a new rock.
(another dollar !)

Bunny and the trash area.
One is for weeds.
One is for real trash.
One is for what Bunny does in the yard.

We had chairs like this growing up.
This one is just for looks, so don't get any ideas
about going out into Blue's Room and placing yourself
on it for a pity party or something like that.
It won't hold you OR your tears.

This is the square of tile that will not wear out.
Yes, it has a gouge in it now and some corners that are a bit challenged,
but considering what goes on in this room,
it is doing quite well.
It was a sample piece that we stuck right here.....just to see how it would do.
On a scale of 1-10, it gets a TEN.

So I loaded and unloaded wagons of dirt here and there.
I'm still interested in making little hilly parts in the yard.
And being sensible by filling in the low parts.
I can't wait for the grass to grow over all the bare spots I have caused.
Have I mentioned that it is quit a chore to pull this wagon full of dirt,
since the tires don't have air in them?
Too bad I can't sit in Blue's Room and have a pity party.

I planted some little sprigs of little bushes....
they're hard to see, but they're there.
I LOVE to plant things and see them grow.

I imagine the cats are very glad for this weather. 
Not too hot.
Not too cold.
Just right.
Kitty Right.

Here is my hope for Summer.
I have LOTS of zinnias coming up.
I gently pulled a few up and put them in some other gardens.
I can't wait to see what colors they are when they bloom.
Zinnias are my favorite.

Got some rocks from some friends.
I am having quite a fun time finding a home for them.
I love rocks.
And bricks.
And flowers.

My favorite thrift store had a SALE today.
IF something had green in it or was green in any way,
it was a quarter.
I got three dressy tops.
I will just wear a black skirt with them hopefully.

I also got some shoes for a really good price, too.
Some Land's End sporty shoes.
Bare Traps.
Gold Minnie Mouse Shoes.
Seventy-five cents each.

...........last but not least...........
a friend gave this to me for pickles,
or jalapenos.
Jalapenos tend to have oil and they can ruin plastic.
I'll have to think about whether to store them in this lovely blue

This has been our Spring Break.
Since my husband drives a school bus,
we tend to do things the public schools do now
since he has off.
It works for us.

Tomorrow morning we are wanting to eat somewhere for breakfast and can't think of a
nice place to go.
that has good coffee AND good food.
Are there nice places to eat breakfast where YOU live?
We just about have to drive to Pearland.
Gonna go to a thrift store with Kimberly tomorrow after I pick her up from work around 11.
I think I will put on a work outfit again and do some more yard work.

Tell me about your week.


Rebecca said...

Oh, my! Where to begin?!? You've been quite the busy one! Yes, you have. I especially like the Blue's Room. Wish I HAD one. What treasures you store :)

I'm kind of a brick and stone lady myself. I can identify.

The ground is too soggy to get out much here, but the temperatures make it VERY tempting. I did go out to pick up a large limb that had fallen and blocked entrance to our cabin...

I hope you continue to enjoy your holiday and find a decent breakfast place with good coffee. (Since my husband makes such good coffee for us each morning, it's hard to drink restaurant coffee.)

Heather said...

That was a fun update, Mrs. Mo! I can smell your flowers are they are so pretty. Our week was full and we had to do a little extra school yesterday to make up. Wed. we went for a walk and discovered a lovely walking path we hadn't known was there. The kids saw 6 deer and a fawn. We walked much longer than planned but it was so lovely to be out and not be COLD! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sara said...

Wonderful post!
So jealous of your new shoes!
Can't wait to see the new hallway.
The School Book room, Blue's Room...both very dear names to me.
Where exactly are we suppose to have a pity party then!? :)

Anonymous said...

hello, Mo. :) we were out of town today and Lucy and Ruby slept slept slept in the car and now Tiredmamalama is getting NO sleep. but we enjoyed your post very much! here, i am going to let Lucy type you a message: hbhbhbhbhbhgvgfgdrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr