Thursday, March 31

Some Questions

Have you ever seen this book?  I read it to the kids when they were young and wore the front cover right off of it.  If you see one, buy it, it's well worth it.  It is FUN to read.

Do you know what these are?  If you do, tell me what you think.....

Now, I know what's in the jar, but I don't know for sure what this is.  It doesn't appear to be a bread pan...or a HUGE ice cube tray.  Have you seen one before?

Have you ever played this game?  Muggins?  We got it at a home-school book fair.  You roll dice....add, subtract, multiply or divide to try to mark numbers around the board for points.  I usually lose, but it's still fun.

Do you like rabbits in sweaters?

Or old dishes?  Maybe these came from the Trail Cafe in Great Bend, Kansas. 

I love old kitchens.....I've just read a book about bungalow kitchens....and how they used *furniture* for cabinets and storage.  Nothing was nailed to the wall as we know it today.  I like this kind of look....I'd love to have a hoosier cabinet. 

I like to read about old houses and look at pictures of them in books.  I especially like the *bungalow* because the houses had lots of built in bookshelves, nooks and neat doors.

Do you look close at your flowers and notice the different colors there can be? 

Do you like rabbits?


Sara said...

I know what the little pink circle things are but I'm not going to spoil it for everyone else. I had the advantage of living with you!
Love your new background and layout. Very much you!

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to have a Hoosier cabinet too!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I have one's solid wood from my Great Grandmother. It was kept in the basement/dungeon and I never saw it because we weren't allowed down there. My mom has it in her bedroom.

TABB's MOMMA said...

LOL I know what the pan is a Wilton cake pan. I have one. My mother had one in the late 70's. She was a cake decorator and that one a popular cake pan then.

And we, too, bought MUGGINS at a home school convention back in the early 90's. Ours has a wooden board, though with another game on the flip side.

Thanks for the 'memories'!


Rebecca said...

What a lot of "trails" here! My mind is hopping all over the place. I'm going to look for "Muggins" rules. Our grandchildren should ♥ it!

Janie Fox has a kitchen like you describe. I think you should go visit her. (I enjoy everything about her - words, pictures, personality, etc.) You'll have to keep scrolling to find her kitchen pictures - but it'll be WORTH it, I promise!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

R., I did like her blog! You can draw your own Muggins board.....just throw it away when you're done. It would work just the same! google the rules!