Friday, March 25

so I can remember

I sometimes check out craft books from the library,
look at them,
find summpin neat to do,
then take the book back to the library,
and promptly forget about it.
I'm going to take pictures of the things I'd like to do some day,
then everytime I get on Picasa to look at pictures,
I will be reminded.

I'm going to try to not forget some of these things.
You never know when you'll get a plain lampshade.....
or need curtains with large button holes at the top
that will fit over the glass door knobs you've been collecting.

What makes *you* get crafty?
Do you have your things in a box waiting for a slow or rainy day?
Do you buy books so you can have them for ideas?
Do you use the library?
do you google: ric-rac? sock crafts? sewing for dummies?

I like scrappy crafts.

I think this would be neat to have.
I don't wear much jewelery and I don't *have* to bring it with me
when I go somewhere.....
but if I do,
I like it to be secure.
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Chas said...

Oh, I love all those ideas!
Especially the curtains!

joy said...

That window treatment idea is so neat! Just the other day, I saw a lovely...yet very simple...flower painting on someone's wall. I took a picture so that I could do that one day when I grow up and have a house :o)

...(shhhh) I also took a picture of their shower stall in the bathroom. It was so large and had TWO shower heads. That picture is going into my "dreams" folder.

texaneskimo said...

you wear more rings than the average bunny.

Grammie Kim said...

If anything, YOU inspire me to be crafty, and so do my girls. They are better at it than I am.
They all have their special abilities. I love seeing what they turn out. YOu should see the adorable little creatures Ang makes out of felt.
I still haven't started Hannah's blanket that I promised so long ago..............