Saturday, March 26

New Curtains...? New Coffee Pot....?

Well, at one time, all of this stuff was new.
It's new to *me*  right now.
I parked my $1 Coffee Pot on top of the Rabbit Hutch.
But now you can't tell that it's a Rabbit Hutch.

I sewed curtains from 2 old dresser scarves, one Holly Hobby pillowcase and
and old kitchen towel.
I needed two little nails from Lake Hardware.....
out of their nail bin,
so they just gave them to me.
I'll always remember that.
Some places would have weighed them and charged tax.

I got some neat aluminum cups, too.
They're the kind my Granny had.
To the left is an old vaporizer.
When I bought it,
it still had Vicks? in the lid.


Grammie Kim said...

Looks great, Mo.
I used to freeze pineapple juice in those metal cups, and then scrape them for hours for an after school treat. Might have to try that next time I come down...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I don't know if I'd eat anything out of these cups...... 8-0
Let's just go to DQ.

Grammie Kim said...

OK! DQ it is! :)

Anonymous said...

That is neat how you sewed all the curtains together. Did I tell you that I have the ones that Mom had up in living room when we first moved to Seward? I washed them and they didn't even fall apart after 40+ years. I will send them to you sometime. Love Kristi