Wednesday, March 9

Kind Words

Kind words can never be spoken in vain: they are like balm to the weary heart, and sweeter than the perfume of flowers.
If they should, perchance, fall unheeded on the ear, they still do a vast amount of good to the one who speaks them. 
They are the best weapons of defence.  Be not afraid to use them freely, thus helping to make thy fellow mortals happier,
as well as thyself.


Rebecca said...

I really like the past three posts! They are short, sweet, and helpful. (Just trying to figure out how to get some sunshine. It's really been gray, cold and rainy here. I'm so READY for sun.)

Pen Pen said...

It's amazing, sometimes, just how far a kind word will go. I work at a nursing home, and I try to tell the patients when they look especially nice. You can tell that it really brightens their day!