Saturday, March 26

Fun Seeds

I got these from Lowe's the day we bought the hall-way paint.
I hope I didn't plant them too late.
Once April days are upon us,
it can be pretty warm.
I *LOVE* zinnias.
I would name a little girl Zinnia and Violet.
Maybe rabbits...........
I usually have some sort of giant sunflowers growing somewhere in the yard.
These will be fun because each one should be different.
I had mounds of nasturtiums in January,
but they froze.
I love how they trail and mound up and crawl around the garden.
Maybe these will grow and I will have them in May instead of March.
What do *YOU* like to plant and see grow?


Rebecca said...

Are you familiar with the British comedy "Keeping Up Appearances"? Hyacinth is the main character. Her sisters are Violet, Daisy, and Rose! It really is a hoot! We watch it almost every Saturday night.

Hey, I REALLY like what you've done to your blog! How did you lay it out at the top??? Is that a double header???

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I wrote the *trails* spill as the title of the blog......then doctored up the three peeking bunny picture with *words*'s hard to make things sometimes they really don't. My header just allows for one picture.