Tuesday, March 15

East and West

I use the term North and South/ East and West ALOT when I sew.
The bottom picture is North and South.......
but when the quilt curtains are hung in their rightful place,
they will be
East and West.
I am enjoying this quite a bit.
When I'm done with this project,
I hope to start another one right up.
I LOVE quilty things.
I tend towards scrap-quilts........nine patch,
plain quilts.
Nothing fancy.
I think scrap quilts are the best because there are memories all sewn in.
They tell a story.
Random people know parts of the story because they just might have a
or jumper.............
and they can see *their* scrap
in the quilt.
I also tend to like scrappy quilts because it is a waste
to throw pieces of fabric away.
If it can't be made into a yo-yo,
or a Mum-bunny,
or a quilt piece,
then maybe it can be torn and tied, to be rolled into a ball,
for a rag-rug.

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