Tuesday, March 22


Just about anybody can have a clothesline.
You need a little patch of a yard and a little sunshine.
Wind is nice, but it's not necessary.

It is humid here a lot, so timing has to be just right.
I can put things out in the morning, but I must get them in around 2
when the sun is shining hard.
If I get the clothes off the too late,
they get wet again.
There can be a few dark and dreary days here where NOTHING dries, no matter
how I time things.
Those days are not fun for me,
but like everything else,
they pass.
We all know every day cannot be sunny.

I love to be outside hanging up clothes.
Putting things in and out of a dryer isn't HALF the fun.
It's no wonder some women don't enJOY doing laundry.

Get some square wooden poles....
and some eye-hooks.....
and some white clothesline rope.

Sink the pole in a hole filled with that cement mixture you buy at Home Depot.
My lines are in the shape of a triangle....
and my sweet husband put up a low line for when the girls were little.

You can decorate wooden poles.
If you have the real T poles, you will need to stuff
tin-foil in the openings.
Flying bugs with stingers will make their houses in the empty holes
if you don't.

I am a great lover of hinges.
It's even OK if they rust.

We involved a tree.

If you use a clothesline,
your electricity bill will be lower.
Ain't that crazy?

Save your dryer for a rainy day.

When was the last time you slept on sheets that
had been hung on a line?
that were dried in the breeze?


Jersey Mama said...

This is so timely! We have an old old old clothes hanger thingy in our backyard but I want a real clothesline. I look forward to breeze dried sheets this spring.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

If I start a business, I will call it *Breeze Dried*.....drop your sheets off and I will wash them and dry them on the line....fold them, bag them up and you can come get them the SAME day. Put them on your bed and zzzzzzzzz. For a small fee of course.

Sara said...

I need to put a line down for my girls!