Monday, March 7

Autumnal Decoration

I'm finally doing it!

choosing choosing choosing


I'm making a quilt curtain for the little room off of the dining room.
The curtains that were up,
are now in my husband's office.
They went perfect in there.

I have lots of fabric to use up, and it will be nice to look at all of it instead of it
being folded up on a shelf!
Many memories are coming back when I see the old fabric.
Dresses, aprons, skirts, jumpers.

Things I've sewn for others,
things I've sewn for US.

What a fun project.
I have more Autumnal fabric than I thought.
I guess I tend to choose it.
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Rebecca said...

Have you seen the ones in this post? (Vintage Vixen is fascinating - very creative). Everytime she takes a picture in front of these curtains which she fashioned, I am impressed.

Anonymous said...

Oh I bet they'll be beautiful!

Chas said...

I can't wait to see the finished project!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

thanks everyone! Rebecca, I like the North/South arrangement of her squares....mine will be more East and West. That's what I'll call East & West curtains!!!!!