Wednesday, February 9


these are of course not my words
I didn't make them up
I wish I had
I only read them in a book
and thought they were interesting and worth posting about

I totally enjoyed doing phonics with the kids when the workbook went over kle, ckle, le words.......chuckle, kettle, giggle, fiddle, know, the FUN words

Hope you enjoy these:

jeffrey kacirk

aflunters: in a state of disorder-her hair was all aflunters!

allemang: mixed together-as in two flocks of sheep driven together

anywhen: at any time

antipodes: people who live on the other side of the earth to us....going with their feet directly against ours

begrumpled: displeased

brizzle:  to scorch near burning

bruffed: thickly clothed

bruzzle: to make a great a-do or stir

burdalone: the last child in the family, the lonely bird

causey-webs: to neglect one's work

chatter-broth: tea (I love this one)

crizzles: the rough sunburnt places on the face and hands

dansey-headed: giddy, thoughtless

davering: riding or walking in a dazed condition

duffifie: to lay a bottle on its side for some time after the contents have been poured completely drain off the few remaining drops

egg-wife-trot:  an easy jog, the speed a farmer's wife might carry her eggs to market

faffle: said of work which occupies much time, the results not being worth the time expended on it

falling weather: rain, snow, hail

feff: a bad smell

fillemot: a colour like that of a faded leaf

flothery: slovenly but attempting to be fine and showy

flurch: a great many: a flurch of strawberries

flurn: to show contempt by looks

fratchy: quarrelsome

frippery: a shop where old clothes are sold ( smile)

gazooly: to be constantly uttering laments

gloppened: surprised

glunch: to frown

gowl: to weep in anger more than sorrow

motch:  to eat little, slowly, quietly, secretly

neeze: to go in search of a bird nest

ninny-broth:  name for coffee

noggle: to walk awkwardly

pack and penny day: the last day of a fair when bargains are sold

pantler: a servant in a great household that attends to the bread

poeteeze: to write poetry

prunk: proud, vain, saucy

quanked: overpowered by fatigue

queen's weather: a find day for a queen to appear in public

quop: throb with pain

ramfeezled: to exhaust oneself with work, to wear oneself out

roozles:  the miserables

ruly:  obedient

spawnwhengle: to shake or knock about violently

spuddle: to go about a trifling business as if it were a matter of grave importance

tazzled: a rough untidy head of hair

thenadays: in those days; in times past

thrunched:  very angry and displeased

thunderstone: a stone fabulously supposed to be emitted by thunder

thwankin: used of clouds, mingling in thick and gloomy succession

trilemma: any choice between three alternatives

trinkle: to eavesdrop

twee: to be in a twee is to be overcome with fear

ugsumness: terribleness

unky: lonesome

wallopy: loose-limbed

wooze: marshy ground

wring: a deep line in the face

wuzzle: to mingle

yaffle: to talk indistinctly

yeepsen: as much of anything as can be taken up in both hands together

ziff: a beard

zowerswopped:  ill-tempered

Now, after enjoying these words, if you comment, you must use ONE of them in the comment.

just don't yaffle
and I'm glad you came to wuzzle
it will cause a trilemma, but you must choose
don't glunch or run off to a frippery before you comment
just do it anywhen


Rebecca said...

I was begrumpled to discover you had already stolen a few of the words I would have selected. I was too quanked to spend much time selecting others....but DID want to let you know what FUN it was to visit the museum!

Kimberly R. Hodge said...

These words lifted my spirits while I've been quanked from this awful cold!

Pastor McEntire said...

I think I need to trim my ziff lest it become tazzeled and I become the object of flurn which would make me zowerswopped!