Monday, February 7


My Granny had a high back sink in her kitchen.
I didn't think much of it when I was a kid.
I also didn't think much about the daisies outside her back door,
which happened to be a screen door.
OR, that the daises were under a clothes-line.
I probably even thought that my Granny would always be in her chair,
in the corner,
ripping up old shirts to make rag rugs,
watching Joker's Wild,
telling me I could get some Juicy Fruit gum from her can,
or telling me I could play with her glass wot-nots,
and her scarves and jewelery,
and the powder in her bathroom.
She sometimes had lavendar hair,
ate red jello and angel food cake
and drove funny cars.
She had lots of pillows and pens.
If you still have your Granny
give her a hug.
She won't always be there.


Sharon said...

What a beautiful post about your Granny!!!

Rebecca said...

I think I have MET your granny :) She sounds a lot like mine. It was Chicklets in MY grandma's purse though, not Juicy Fruit.

ancient one said...

Loved this post! I had a wonderful grandmother too!

Anonymous said...

I sure miss mine.....

For me it was cinnamon flavored Dentyne gum.

Andrea said...

What a beautiful post. My Nanny died when I was thirteen. I'm thirty-nine, I still miss her everyday