Friday, February 11

go here !!

Long, long ago, I joined a child-raising board/group.  I met many women and enjoyed the back and forthing of topics and issues with all of them.
Then blogging came along.
Then I got overhwhelmed.
So many blogs, so little time.
When I started getting into the world of blogging myself and reading others, I stuck with this *farm* lady
There are so many out there that would appeal to who each one of us are.
Well, this is one of my favorites.
I almost, almost, almost got to meet her in person.
We were so close I could almost smell the clothes on her line.
Hope you all enjoy the post she just put up about their goat and girl  !!


Chas said...

Awww, thank you my sweet, sweet friend! <3
I still have HIGH hopes that we WILL get to meet up.
You are one of my favorites, too!

Miss Debbie said...

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. It is always nice to meet someone new. Hope you will visit again. And hope you get a coffee maker you really like!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha i just came from that very post. Great Minds, you know... :)